Gareth-Comment [lange_memos_Hopping&FutureBio]
Comments on Project Hopping Memo (Revised)

I want to comment that, with no surprise, I see you have a consistent method (ethnographic) and theoretical focus on political economy. I think that is great, and certainly your knowledge of Marxist and formal sociology are strengths in such a track, but I wonder why ethnographic method is so central. Though it would certainly be a useful method for clarifying perceptions of the participants, your focus on these topical areas seems large in scope for close participant observation. The formation of hydrology as part of a global conversation about water- the political economic growth of biotechnology to a position of international prominence and strength, and the origin thereof - as well as the multi-national social movements that are participating in restructuring epidemiology, all seem like projects that are decentralized. While multi-sited ethnography, and case study based methods would certainly be appropriate, I get no sense of where you might want to begin in framing these projects or why you would chose participant observation. If the large scale global issues are the motivation to study lab practice, how do you see the two parts linkin?

I also was curious if you saw a connection between the three fields you have displayed interest in? They all seem to relate to global population and I wonder if you would consider looking at that connection as part of the arching concern of your research. Concepts of the interconnection of formerly disassociated (at least politically) populations.

Comments on Speculative Future Biography.

I think given the above comment on the nature of your project ideas as relating to population and large scale effects of development/science/life, and your mention of interest marked in the bio on Bourdieu’s theory- you may want to consider looking at the issue of space/place in his work. I know that there is an expanding discussion about theories of space, and it may be a nice combination point for some, or cases from each, of those topical fields.
I like the fact you choose to have popular press coverage in a newspaper, but how do you connect the sort of conversation with the laity to your academic work? Will you be a popularizing voice for your political economics of science?
I know it may have been flippant, but what do you see as post-constructivist? Or what concerns have you already developed over constructivism, that lead you to see a need for further work in that direction?